REIL Electronic Milk Tester

  • Auto zero facility
  • 4 Separate calibration channels
  • Versatile – Measures raw/homogenised milk, cream, skim and whey
  • Easy to read display
  • Semi-automatic operation


Four Channels enable the small processor to test a wide range of products up to 60% butterfat with dilution, without re-calibration. The machine provides instant results saving time and money, and allowing the processor to monitor butterfat levels throughout operations efficiently.

Tests taken at regular intervals can provide information on:

  • Fluctuations in raw milk fat % levels
  • Samples of cream and skim as they leave the separator
  • Fat % levels when standardising
  • Finished products for sale reducing wastage and improving efficiency

Increased knowledge of butterfat levels can allow the processor to make cost effective decisions, using cream to its maximum efficiency.