Medical & life sciences

We can supply all the instrumentation and consumables you may need to run an effective laboratory

LABTEK Services supports a wide range of products utilised in the Medical & Life Sciences industries.

Our Technical Team have over 25 years experience with Freezing Point Depression technology (FPD). This places us in a strong position to offer our Osmometer clients a knowledgeable and efficient service for our range of instruments. We carry a wide range of consumables and accessories available for Advanced Instruments such as Osmometers 3D3 & 3250.

LABTEK Services also has many years experience supplying ATP hygiene monitoring devices into numerous industries throughout the UK where cleanliness and hygiene is critical.

ATP Hygiene has been accepted worldwide as an efficient means to validate the cleanliness of an area with numerous applications throughout the NHS and medical industries including

  • Hospitals & Primary Care
  • Sterile Services – Washer Disinfection & Monitoring Endoscope Water
  • Catering Facilities
  • Water Quality e.g cooling towers to manage Legionella Hazards
  • Ambulances & Police Vehicle Cleaning
  • Care Homes

As well as rapid ATP Hygiene Monitoring, we can also supply a range of rapid and traditional microbiology testing devices which provide results on specific bacteria such as Coliforms, E-Coli, Listeria etc….

Sanitisation Solutions & Test Strips are also available

Service & Maintenance

We offer comprehensive service and maintenance agreements on all the machines we sell.

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