CryoSmart Cryoscope

CryoSmart1CryoSmart 1 is an automatic single-sample(Reference Method) Thermistor Cryoscope for the rapid determination of Freezing Point of Milk.

In Accordance with IDF 108-ISO 5764:2009 and AFNOR reference Standards.

The CryoSmart Cryoscope offers a functional, robust and reliable instrument that is simple to use.


User friendly-quick and easy calibration
Highly accurate and repeatable results, Automatic Calibration.
Analysis Duration : about 2minutes/test
Operating Ambient Temperature + 5-36 Deg C.
Ready to operate in 5 mins, cooling fan and cooling blocks, creates rapid and efficient cooling
Low cost maintenance
Multi-sample model available, suitable for high volume users, with a 10 sample carousel
PC Link software upgrade, highly advanced software package, that can monitor and capture daily testing
Full aftersales and support, each instrument is supplied with a full 12 months on-site parts and labour warranty,
Net Weight 12kg
Sample Volume 2 or 2.5ml
Data Exit : RS232 – Printer Optional
Fully complies with guidelines of AOAC/IDF/ISO 5764.

CryoSmart 20

CryoSmart20The CryoSmart 20 offers all the features given above with the addition of a 20 place carousel which enables the busy testing facility to test up to 20 samples without the need to manually remove and add samples saving time, results are given on a hardcopy printout, or PC if the PC Link Software is purchased.


Same as CryoSmart 1 with additonal feature of 20place carousel saving time for the busy laboratory environment.

Product Code
Cryoscope Calibration Standard -0.530°H/ -0.512°C 250ml
Cryoscope Calibration Standard -0.621°H/ -0.600°C 250ml
Cryoscope Calibration Standard -0.422°H/ -0.408°C 250ml
Cryoscope Cooling Liquid 500ml
Cryoscope Borosilicate Tubes (12) ISO 5674 Compliant
LC & 10S Cryoscope Thermal Roll (Pack of 2)
Cryoscope Tube Rack PTFE (27places)
Advanced Cryoscope 4D3 / Fiske  Thermal Roll
Thermistor Probe (ISO 5764) for Advanced 4250/ 4D3 / Fiske MKII Cryoscopes