All the machines and equipment we can supply you with for your processing needs

Cream & Milk Infra-Red Lactolyser

Precision infra-red analyser custom designed for the dairy industry. The rapid determination of fat, protein, lactose, total solids & FPD (optional) in milk and cream products

PH Meters

Get the EDGE in bench technology with the latest innovation from Hanna

Ensure & Systemsure

Next generation hygiene, allergen & micro-organisms tests in the food and dairy processing industries

Rapid Milk Fat Analysis

LABTEK Services supply high quality rapid fat analysis instruments that enable the dairy supplier to make cost effective decisions based upon using cream to its maximum efficiency by increasing the supplier’s knowledge of butterfat levels.

Gerber Centrifuges

Dairy Centrifuges specifically designed for the dairy Gerber fat test. Available as compact or benchtop machines.

Moisture Analyzer

The Ohaus Moisture Balance series MB45, MB35 & MB25 offers a moisture balance for every testing requirement and budget.

Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished / Ex-Demo Equipment Valid from 1st January 2015

Cryoscope Machines

The CryoSmart is an automatic single-sample (reference method) thermistor Cryoscope for the rapid determination of freezing point of milk.


The Astori CryoStyle 40 Osmometer is a 40-sample carousel-based automatic instrument with a wide touch-screen for the rapid determination of the cryoscopic point variation (osmolality) in fluids and other solutions.