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Delvotest SP-NT 25 Tests

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  • Detect all 8 major antibiotic groups in 3hrs
  • Cost Effective simple to use
  • Requires Incubator

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Delvotest ampoules: reliable and user-friendly

Think of Delvotest ampoules as your early warning system for ensuring safe milk.
As the gold standard in the industry, with a 40-year track record, it’s the broadest test on
the market: proven to detect all major antibiotics at or below MRL in a single test.
It delivers accurate results and couldn’t be easier to use. Simply pipette you milk samples
into the ampoules and let our testing kit do the rest. And if you do need help, it’s always on
hand, via our world-class technical support and expertise – wherever in the world you are.

Delvotest ampoules: proven antibiotic testing for farmers

If you’re a dairy farmer, how can you safeguard your product against antibiotic
residues in a, cost-effective, accurate and user-friendly way while also adhering to
legislation? Our Delvotest ampoules are proven to do the job, enabling you to test
milk at the individual cow level – and avoid not only fines, but also wasted product
and revenue. It really is the test you can rely on

Delvotest for dairies: proven antibiotic residue testing

Why worry about wasted milk when there’s an easy-to-use, accurate and cost-effective
solution for safeguarding your dairy against milk losses, fermentation delays and
process disruption? Delvotest® for dairies is the broadest-spectrum antibiotic residue
test on the market today – enabling you to meet the exacting quality standards
wherever in the world you are. Guaranteed to produce the safest milk,

Delvotest: it’s the gold standard for a reason

Delvotest for dairies is the broadest-spectrum antibiotic residue test on the market today and has
been the industry gold standard in antibiotic residue testing for 40 years. It delivers accurate,
reliable results with an extremely low rate of false positives. Not only is this solution internationally
validated, it’s also tailored to detect the most commonly used antibiotics in your specific region.
And all this is supported by our world-class technical and application expertise, wherever in the
world you are.

Delvotest SP-NT-leaflet-farmers

Delvotest SP-NT-leaflet-Dairy-factory

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