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Delvotest T – Bulk Tank Testing 25tests

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  • DELVOTEST T – Bulk Tank Test for Farms and Dairies
  • Broad spectrum test that detects the 6 major antibiotics groups including tetracyclines. AFNOR certified.
  • Simple and Easy to Use Ampoules
  • Colour Change Test
  • Test results in 3.25hrs
  • Ideal for testing individual cows and bulk tanks


Delvotest T has been re-accredited by AFNOR

Delvotest T has been re-accredited by independent quality standards body AFNOR. Re-certification followed an extensive validation study, including fully randomized testing of sensitivities and robustness. AFNOR approval provides total assurance to farmers worldwide that they can use Delvotest T to test their cows’ milk after the withdrawal period has passed, avoiding any risk of contaminating the bulk tank with milk containing residues of antibiotics. More info here.

Delvotest detects the major antibiotics residues and helps both dairies and farmers to assure safe milk. Delvotest  also helps to increase product yield and profitability for both farmers and dairies, prevent delays and avoid interruptions in the supply chain. The use of the test can also allow dairies to significantly cut down food wastage, helping the market to reduce its carbon footprint and positively contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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