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Eclipse FARM 3G Starter Kit – Incl Incubator and 25 Tests

£172.70 ex. VAT

  • Milk Antibiotic Testing Starter Kit
  • Start-up cost under £150.00 +VAT
  • Includes Incubator and 25 tests Eclipse FARM 3G
  • Detects 8 major groups of Antibiotics in 3hrs
  • Simple Colour change Test Purple/Yellow
  • Eclipse FARM 3G used Worldwide for Antibiotic Detection in Milk
  • Suitable for both testing of Individual Cows and Bulk Tanks.

Incubator DriBlock 12place - Eclipse - Delvotest Antibiotic Test

  • Digital Incubator
  • Timer
  • Designed for Delvotest & Eclipse 3G/4G Farm Test

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Eclipse FARM 3G Test for multiscreening of antibiotics in cow milk 25tests

  • Scope: detection of more than 50 antibiotics from the beta-lactams, tetracyclines, sulphonamides, macrolides, aminoglycosides, lincosamides, anasamycins and sulfones groups in milk
  • Assay time:
    • Automatic: with e-Reader (2h 30 min) COMET8
    • Manual: one-step assay (2h 30min) Incubator Required INC-DELVO-12 Recommended
  • Results:
    • Automatic: on COMET8 screen
    • Manual: visual reading of results
  • Format: 25 or 50 tubes


The Eclipse FARM 3G Starter Kit is the most cost effective solution for the modern dairy farm to achieve on-site detection of antibiotics in milk for individual cows and farm bulk tanks.

The Eclipse FARM 3G detects the 8 major groups of antibiotics detecting 50 known antibiotics at sensitivity levels near the maximum residue levels currently set by the EU.

Antibiotic Test in Milk Colour Change

Antibiotic Colour Change Milk Test


The test is simple to use simply add milk sample to the vial, incubate after 3hrs read the colour change Purple / Yellow




If you want the latest version you might want to consider upgrading to the COMET & Eclipse FARM 4G Version which utilises the latest technology to provide a number of advanced features including

  • Test Sample Reader
  • Test Time only 2.5hrs
  • Automatic Notification by email when test completed
  • AOAC Approved a test system you can trust, Internationally Recognised
  • Tests milk for all 8 major antibiotic groups at or below EU MRL.

Purchase the COMET & Eclipse FARM 4G Android Version HERE






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Incubator DriBlock 12place - Eclipse - Delvotest Antibiotic Test

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