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Water ATP+AMP+ADP Lucipac A3 Swabs (100units)

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  • Unique ATP-ADP-AMP Technology
  • Highly Sensitive and Rapid Results in Seconds
  • Honeycomb Collection Device for Repeatable Sample Collection
  • Only Solution for Heated and Processed Foods Manufacturing
  • CIP Rinse Water, Water and liquids.

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Water ATP-AMP-ADP Hygiene Swabs for Water and Liquid Samples

Highly sensitive test kit for checking the purity of liquids

Lucipac A3 Water is a kit for testing cleanliness levels of water and other liquid samples using bioluminescence techniques using firefly luciferase developed with Kikkomans unique biotechnology which detects not only ATP but also ADP and AMP unlike other ATP systems available.

ATP test systems can not be used to test or measure for counts of viable bacteria or more specific types of pathogenic bacteria, please use Easy Plate or other other microbial detection systems for this purpose. Luicpac A3 Water detects ATP-ADP-AMP which is the most advanced hygiene detection system available and provides confidence that low readings confirm a significantly lower risk of bacteria growing. If detection of microrganisms in liquid is required we have the Lucipac A3 Filter Assay available which will detect microorganisms in under 5mins.

The LuciPac A3 Water Test Kit, in conjunction with the Lumitester Smart, from HyServe detects all organic residues and microorganisms in liquids and thus determines the degree of purity. The system thus enables hygiene monitoring within seconds and can thus draw conclusions about insufficient cleaning or hygiene status of systems.

CIP Water Test – Clean in Place

The Unique ATP-ADP-AMP technology is the only solution for CIP rinse water testing, unlike other ATP only systems the Lucipac A3 detects ADP and AMP which are highly important when dealing with heated and processed foods.

Using A3 technology, not only ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is detected, but also the lower-energy molecules, ADP (adenosine diphosphate) and AMP (adenosine monophosphate). This represents a technological advance compared to conventional ATP tests, as it significantly increases sensitivity. This is particularly important when dealing with heated and processed foods, as ATP is degraded to ADP and AMP during these processes, and is therefore no longer detectable with conventional tests.