Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished / Ex-Demo Equipment Valid from 30th June 2018

Cryoscope Added Water % Testing

Advanced Instruments 4D3 Cryoscope supplied with 3months warranty.(Refurbished)

Fluorophos FLM200 Pasteurisation Alkaline Phosphatase Test (Dairy)

Advanced Instruments FLM200 Fluorophos supplied with 3months warranty (Refurbished)

Advanced Instruments FLM200 Fluorophos complete with Accessories (Refurbished)

Supplied with 6months warranty.

FLM200 Fluorophos accessories and parts available including Print Rolls, Cuvettes, Cuvette Cleaners, HeaterBlock.

Infra-Red Dairy Analyser – Lactolyser Ex-Demo supplied with Full 12months warranty.  

Rapid Butterfat % Testing

Foss Milkotester Minor -2 Channel supplied with 3months warranty

Gerber Waterbath

WaterBath AstorBath Gerber Deep Bath with Digital controls

GRANT Waterbath SUB28 Analogue Controls

Hygiene Monitoring

SystemSure Plus Hygiene Monitoring Luminometer