The infra-red analyser has been widely used for many years to analyse milk and dairy products.  IR technology provided new modern dairy facilities Mira_13with the capability of obtaining rapid and accurate results for a range of parameters including Fat, Protein, Lactose & Total Solids within seconds.

However products such as the world famous Cornish clotted cream has remained difficult to analyse due to the high fat content >55% and high viscosity of the product. The main problem has always been the ability to get a consistent, representative sample to the measuring cell.

LABTEK Services Ltd who celebrates 40years supporting the UK dairy industry in 2017 has worked with a number of clotted cream manufactures in the southwest of England over the years and has always strived to bring to our clients a solution to this problem.

New developments in the Lactolyser IR Analyser from Lactotronic, Netherlands now offers our clients a solution to clotted cream analysis, offering accurate and repeatable fat content results >55% essential for the manufacture of consistent clotted cream.

‘ Since purchasing the Lactolyser IR analyser over 12months ago we have not looked back, the Lactolyser has provided our production team with rapid information on the fat content of the cream’ John Cottrell Gundenham Dairies.

The Lactolyser IR analyser is proving very popular in the UK with a third unit also recently installed at Cotteswold Dairy bought specifically to test cream, with units 1 & 2 testing milk products.

The Lactolyser IR is a cost effective infra-red analyser offering ISO/IDF recognised technology to provide data on a wide range of milk and dairy products including cream analysis >55%

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