ph Buffers Colour Coded Dairy Electrode Cleaner

ph Buffers Colour Coded
Dairy Electrode Cleaner

LABTEK Services have launched our popular pH Buffer solutions in new easy to dispense bottles.


Supplied in 1000ml bottles the bottle enables the user to easily dispense 25ml.

Our LABTEK branded ph calibration solutions are manufactured to highest quality standards with the 3 popular pH levels colour coded for easy identification and now every standard supplied with a certificate of conformity.

2016 also sees the launch of our Dairy Specific electrode cleaner which has been specially developed to remove stubborn protein and lactose residues left behind from dairy products such as milk & cream supplied in 500ml bottles. The Dairy Electrode Cleaner compliments our popular general electrode cleaner and storage solutions.

pH6.86 Technical buffer also available, as well as bespoke solutions on request.

High Quality solutions for Electro-Chemistry tests.


Solutions for every Application

LABTEK Solutions Include:-

  • LABTEK pH Buffers, Sensor Maintenance Solutions & Fill Solutions
  • LABTEK ORP Standards
  • LABTEK ISE Calibration Standards
  • LABTEK Conductivity Standards

Manufactured to the highest quality standards

LABTEK electrochemistry solutions are manufactured for accuracy and repeatability. Solutions are produced in controlled batches using ultrapure water and undergo rigorous quality testing. ISO quality procedures ensure correct bottle labelling, and specific lot-release criteria

NIST Traceability

LABTEK pH buffers, ISE and conductivity standards are traceable to NIST standard reference materials and are labelled with a lot code and expiration date.