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BT Scan Automatic rapid test for Betalactams and Tetracyclines used with IRIS 25tests

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  • Detect BetaLactams & Tetracyclines in Milk in under 6mins
  • Test using the IRIS Incubator – Reader providing 100% Test certainty
  • Use with Android or IOS Tablet or phone via the IRIS App to get Realtime Data when result acheived
  • Simultaneously email multiple decision makers with Test Results automatically
  • Tests meets EU MRL (Maximum Residue Limits)
  • Supplied in 25 or 100Tests
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Antibiotic Milk Test kit for Milk – BT Scan

BT Scan is a rapid antibiotic test for the detection of Betalactam & Tetracycline residues in milk samples. Test results are available in 6mins from simply adding a couple drops of milk to the BT Scan casette

Betalactam and Tetracyclines are the two major antibiotic groups used in the UK and account for over 90% of the drugs used in the UK.

IRIS Incubator Reader

The BT scan is an easy to use cassette specifically designed to be used on the IRIS incubator reader which is the worlds first low cost incubator reader for the detection of antibiotics in Milk.

The IRIS Incubator removes human error when reading the test casette, antibiotic tests like the BetaStar, UniSensor or Charm MRL strips require the user to interprete the lines produced on the lateral flow strip or use an expensive reader. The IRIS Reader analyses the lines and provides confirmation of a negative or postive result on the screen of your Smartphone via the Test4all APP.

IRIS Automatic Device for Betalactams and Tetracyclines detection in Milk

Test Results & Data

Test results are automatically stored on the IRIS device and in the CLOUD. Results can be instantly emailed using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to decision makers in the supply chain.