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IRIS Automatic Device for Betalactams and Tetracyclines detection with BT Scan kit 6mins

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IRIS is an incubator-reader for use with rapid strip or cassette tests:-

  • Qualitative (BT/Beta Scan Rapid Milk Antibiotic Tests, IC Adulteration Tests, Proteon Allergen Test Kits) or
  • Quantitative interpretation (AflaM1Scan or IC Quanti) of results.
  • The device connects via Bluetooth to the mobile / tablet through the Iris App to start the automatic test, read or download the results.
  • 4G or Wi-Fi connection enable the results storage in a digital cloud.
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IRIS Incubator & Reader for Antibiotic Milk Test Kits BT Scan

BT Scan & IRIS is a complete solution that can be used by any person (with or without technical training) and provide results information in real-time anywhere you are for the presence of antibiotics in milk samples.

Simply download Test4all platform App to your Android or IOS Smartphone device and the analysis is controlled from your smartphone with results safely stored and emailed to decision makers in your dairy processing company.


  • For specific antibiotic groups Testing: Beta Lactams & Tetracyclines
  • Results: Numerical and qualitative results (neg/pos) displayed on your smart devices or your computer.
  • Easy to use: Add a drop of milk and check result.
  • Quick: Results in 6 minutes
  • Traceability: Data logging: date, assay ID, sample ID, batch number.
  • Connecting Device-Smartphone: remote access to your results.
  • Portable Battery life: 4 hours.
  • Automatic: Automatic stop and interpretation of results.