Deioniser Cartridge D340 for LABWater1

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Purite labwater systems provide a simple, cost effective method of producing purified deionised water
at low volumes. Typically these units are ideal where water usage is up to 10 litres per day.*

The Labwater units incorporate an easily replaceable cartridge, containing
specifically designed resin, which colour changes through absorption of ionic
contaminants, facilitating a low level of maintenance. On complete colour change
from blue to brown, replace the cartridge.

D340 Cartridge is the replacement for Labwater 1
D700 Cartridge is the replacement for Labwater 2

* These units are capabale of producing deionised water at 30 or 60 litres per hour but would become very quickly exhausted which is why they are recommended for low use applications. For high use applications please see other models in the Suez (formally known as Purite) range.