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TST Control Indicators 121 deg C, 15mins Type 6 2342 (100strips)

  • Easy to use efficiency test strip for AutoClaves & Sterilizers
  • 2342 5.3mins 134 Deg C – 15mins 121 Deg C
  • Test Strips changes colour from Yellow to blue/purple when exposed to critical limits (time, steam and temperature)
  • ISO 11140 Part 1, Class 6 classification


High performances specified in standard/Time, Steam and Temperature/Clear and abrupt Colour Change, Non-toxic.

The Browne TST Control™ Emulating Indicators are calibrated to the specific cycle parameters of your sterilizer and are independently tested to ISO 11140-1 Class 6 performance criteria.

A pass from the TST Control™ Emulating Indicator proves exposure to conditions essential for sterilization to occur.

Steam Cycle Verification Indicator
Place the TST™ Control™ Self Adhesive Emulating Indicator Strip inside trays, packs or pouches when autoclaving so the indicator will confirm that good quality steam has penetrated to the point of placement.

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Weight 0.30 kg