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Control Sample : Individual Pasteurised Whole Milk 3.5%

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  • Whole Milk 3.5% Pasteursied Control Sample
  • ISO Certificated Reference Sample
  • For Daily monitoring of FTIR or IR Analysers
  • Sample Volume – 75ml
  • Shelf-Life – Preserved up to 12weeks from Date of Maufacture.

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The Whole Milk Pasteurised Reference Control Sample is an ISO certificated reference sample used to monitor the FTIR or IR analyser on a daily basis in between calibrations.

Manufactured by the largest accredited dairy laboratory in Europe QLIP, the samples provide a very low measurement of uncertainity due to the very high volume of samples tested daily.

Improve your dairies processing efficiency by maximising usage of raw material, an improvement of 0.01%Fat can have a significant improvement on profitability over a 12month period.

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